MCA-Ntuma Difference


Member-owners enjoy the following entitlements and benefits, over and above what the Labor Code mandates:

  • Share of surplus, interest on capital contribution and income from other businesses as co-owners of the cooperative
  • Savings Program
  • Patronage Refund
  • Loan Program
  • Life & Medical Insurance
  • Livelihood Program
  • Education and Training

Not only do we look after the growth of our member-owners, we also take care of their personal needs. We dedicate substantial resources to provide for family and community emergencies, like sickness and natural disasters. Free medical services near our head office are available for our member-owners and their family members, as well as community residents. Remote areas, like agricultural farms in Mindanao, are served by a mobile clinic.

As a progressive and dynamic organization, we provide education and training programs that are responsive to the changing business environment and member development.

  • For member-owners: to enhance their work performance following our clients’ work standards.
  • For key officers: 3-Level Leaders Program for professional development and to strengthen cooperative management skills.
  • For board & committee members: CDA-mandated programs to build strategic governance and policy development skills.


MCA-NTUMA is one of the first manpower cooperative in the EAC countries. Each member of our leadership team brings with him or her extensive experience and expertise, whether it be human resources, marketing, information technology or finance among others. This diversity is integral to our growth, and our member-owners’ development, thus ensuring the success of the cooperative.

Able to handle large and complex engagement

With our strategic location in EAC especially in Rwanda where we are present in all provinces due to a USAID funded program HUGUKA DUKORE that enabled us to train more members thought Rwanda, we are able to effectively serve the needs of all our member-owners and provide effective and professional solutions for our clients.
Our collective managerial, financial and infrastructure resources ensure timely, efficient and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of both existing and new clients regardless of size.
We have a high net financial contracting capacity which allows us to take on large contracts on behalf of our clients.

MCA-Ntuma Savings and Credit Services

MCA-Ntuma Savings and Credit Services works to bring essential and responsive financial service offerings closer to our members, particularly those who may otherwise not have such access through the traditional financial channels.

It aims to encourage members to save periodically and realize higher interest earnings than regular bank products. It serves to bridge the income gaps that individual members may face, by offering them various loan products at competitive rates vis-à-vis informal lenders and conventional financial institutions. The business also generates additional income for members. Yearly surplus is shared via reduction of loan interest to member-borrowers, and as additional interest on savings placed by member-contributors.

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