Mechanical Helper

As there is an increase in the demand for skilled workers in the construction sector, there is a challenge in finding the right workforce and at the right time for a particular job. To solve this huge challenge, Manpower Supply Companies are emerging. They are formed to basically provide the quality manpower to the construction sector companies. They are specialized in hiring process. Their main focus area is itself to provide the skilled workforce to the infrastructure development sector.

The main objective of MCA-Ntuma is not just to provide the workers but also to train them according to the job requirement. They provide the candidates with the required knowledge to get hired for a particular job. As said earlier, there are different categories of work in a construction company. Also Manpower Supply Companies have a huge network of the candidates with different skills. One of these categories of workers is Mechanical Helper.

Mechanical Helper

Mechanical helper plays a very crucial role at a construction site. A mechanical helper generally helps in repairing, assembling and adjusting construction equipment as well as to help at any other requirement at the construction site.  They provide the maintenance support to field operations. They inspect, repair and maintain the functional parts of the mechanical equipment and machines used in construction work. They basically work closely with Superintendent, Foreman, Mechanics, Welders, Labourers, Helpers and other skilled or semi-skilled craft workers. They are also called as factory helpers as they are experienced in carrying out work in big manufacturing units.

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Helper

A mechanical helper has the following responsibilities that he takes care of:

  1.  A mechanical helper work on tasks given by his supervisor or foreman.
  2.  He is responsible for timely maintenance and repair of machines and equipment.
  3.  Mechanical helper disassembles and assembles equipment, using mechanic’s hand tools used at the construction site.
  4. He performs minor and major repairs on the brake, electrical, fuel, lubrication, cooling, vacuum and hydraulic systems and drivetrains.
  5. Troubleshoots and repairs mechanical, hydraulic and electrical problems with machinery and equipment.
  6. Mechanical helper should order materials and supplies needed for repair and maintenance of various pieces of equipment and machinery.
  7.  Assists as directed in the overhaul, adjustment, maintenance, and repair of varied types of motors and mechanical and motorized equipment.
  8. Helps to lay and cut materials.
  9. He should assist in fitting and threading pipes; melts and pours lead for joints.

Qualities and Skills of a Mechanical Helper from Manpower Supply Company

The qualities and skills that a mechanical helper must possess are the following:

  1. He should have the proper knowledge of the equipment and machines used in the construction site.
  2. Mechanical helper should have skills to how to operate that equipment and machines and what tools to use to repair this big equipment and machines.
  3. Mechanical helper should take care of the safety majors while doing the maintenance or repair work on any machinery.
  4. A mechanical helper should be strong enough to carry all the tools required to repair the machinery and other equipment.
  5. He should have good stamina to stand for long hours as his job may need to stand for a long period of time.


What the employer can expect from a Mechanical Helper

Every employer who wants to hire a mechanical Helper has certain requirements or capabilities that a mechanical helper must possess. Nobody wants to give a particular position to a person who has no adequate knowledge, no physical capacity, and no visualizing and measuring capabilities.

  1. Should be able to read and understand the guidelines set for his position.
  2. A mechanical helper should be hardworking since the tasks involved in this post or this position is very demanding.
  3. He should be strong enough to carry loads throughout the day.
  4. Mechanical helper should have appropriate knowledge about all the machines and equipment that are at the constructional site.
  5. Should have communication skills in order to communicate well with your supervisor or teammates.

An employer needs all the qualities of a mechanical helper. However, in order to hire or recruit such a person with all these qualities, it takes a lot of time and money. A company always want to hire a skilled person but also wants to spend less to get the work executed. All these challenges and issues are being solved by MCA-Ntuma.


How Manpower Supply Company can solve this problem

Workforce Supply Company meets every demand that the construction industry asks for. MCA-Ntuma provides the required the skilled worker to the construction company. They play a very crucial role reducing the gap between the job providers and the job seekers. They provide the following benefits as well:

  1. Network: A construction company does not need to post an advertisement anywhere to hire skilled manpower. Since the workforce supply company has a huge network of skilled workers, it lowers the need for the advertisement for the construction industry
  2. Cost: Since, all the pre-hiring process is being done by the manpower supply company, it reduces the cost for the construction companies. More over to hire a person on the visa sponsorship takes a lot money .So to meet the temporary requirement of manpower it is always better to seek the service of a manpower supply company.
  3. Expertize: Since we have a huge availability of manpower from different sectors we have required skills to provide the right candidate to the companies.

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