A welder is a person who wields the metals and then combines them. This process includes heating of metal. Basically, the welder has to join different metals together to make a final product which can be used for different purposes by the firm. A welder uses mainly these processes to complete this task of welding, i.e. shielded metal arc welding, resistance welding, plastic welding and gas metal arc welding. With the advancement in the technology, there are also some other techniques of welding which a welder should know such as laser beam welding, electron beam welding, Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), laser hybrid welding, x-ray welding etc. Most welders have to work inside a factory but sometimes they may also have to work outside at the project site. Welders are one of the important assets of any company. Welders have even played a huge part in world wars for their respective armies and countries.

Responsibilities of Welder

The main responsibilities of a welder are mentioned below:

  • A welder’s foremost responsibility is to cut and join different materials.
  • They have to repair the different parts of industrial machinery by using various welding techniques.
  • A welder has to test the already welded materials for the safety purposes. They also have to check the proper function of the product which has been welded.
  •  A welder also has to analyze the designs of the final product before welding the metals, so that everything fits in the right place.
  • They have to choose the correct equipment for different processes involved in different production stages.
  • Welders also have to measure the lengths and sizes of various materials before joining them.


Quality and Skills of Welder

Following are the qualities and skills which a welder should possess:

  • Safety: A skilled welder should know how to keep the working environment safe for himself and his colleagues. He should make sure that there is no physical harm to the people and equipment of the organization.
  • Attention to details: As a welder works on tiny parts of different metals which play a vital role in the final outcome of the process of production. So a welder should give attention to minute details of the welding process.
  • Working in unfavourable conditions: A welder has to work mostly in the adverse working conditions. Sometimes welders have to give their whole day working in an environment which is not safe. They also have to work in areas where the temperature is very high.
  • Physical endurance: A welder should have a high stamina and endurance to work continuously in a very challenging environment.
  • Creativity: A skilled welder should be creative enough as he may have to apply this art of welding on a range of various products as per the company’s requirement.
  • Knowledge of electrical equipment: A welder should have adequate knowledge of electrical equipment which he has to use for welding because lack of electrical knowledge can be hazardous for everyone working in that proximity.


What the comapanies can expect in Welder from a Manpower Supply Company

There are some expectations of an employer from the welders which every skilled welder should match to work in the organization. These are some common expectations which a skilled welder should meet on daily basis:

  • The welder should be comfortable working in both the conditions i.e. indoor and outdoor.
  • Those welders are preferred most by the employers, who can perform the daily activities independently, that too with certain efficiency.
  • The physical and mental toughness of a welder also plays a very vital role to work in the different challenging conditions.
  • Ability to read and understand the blueprints of the final product makes a welder the perfect fit for the job. In addition to that, a skilled welder should also be aware of the safety measures he has to take while working on a specific project



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