Industrial Electrician

Electricians are the tradesman specialized in electrical wiring of buildings, structures and related equipment. They install new electrical components or maintenance & repair of existing electrical infrastructure. Industrial electrician focuses on large projects such as a new electrical system for the entire building or upgrading the existing system. They install, maintain, test troubleshoot & repair electrical equipment found in an industrial site or plant. They use tools like diagonal pliers, needle nose pliers, cable cutter, stripper, etc.

Responsibilities of Industrial Electricians

They perform various responsibilities-

  • Industrial electricians read & interpret blueprint of industrial electrical equipment installation.
  • They conduct preventive maintenance programs.
  • Industrial electricians install test switchgear, transformers, switchboard meters & regulators.
  • Industrial electricians perform inspections.
  • They observe safety electrical codes.


Skills & Qualities of Industrial Electrician

Some specific qualities & skills electricians should have because they perform very risky jobs-

  • An industrial electrician should have the ability to troubleshoot a problem quickly, and then he will be able to do the job.
  • They should be flexible as they often have to work unusual hours as the need occurs.
  • Industrial electricians’ manual dexterity matters a lot.
  • Industrial Electrician must have an associate degree in the field to perform well.
  • They should have strong written & verbal skills to communicate with the team.
  • Ability to perform physically demanding tasks, such as lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, crawling.
  • It is a very risky job if proper safety is not taken electrical shock can harm electricians to the death in a moment.So they should be a safety competent person to handle the work without any accident.


What Companies expect from an Industrial Electrician

  • A well-educated electrician will be preferred by the employer. He should be specialized in at least two areas so that he can execute complex work much easier.
  • An employer will prefer a clear thinker regarding work in confined spaces.
  • Ready to work on large pieces of equipment.
  • Should know about all equipment related to his profession.


Some of the important benefits to work with us:

Cost saving

For bigger construction projects, it needs a large workforce in order to complete work on time. And for the large workforce, a big HR department will be required. If the employer hires us to fulfill the need of workforce, he can reduce total cost of construction in form of HR department. We MCA-Ntuma , provide skilled & trained electricians at the best hourly or monthly rates to your various projects.


It saves more time for employers to take help of MCA-Ntuma. They can use valuable time in other management work.


MCA-Ntuma provides reliable & willing to work workforce who are ready to work in long-run. So that lack of workforce would not arise during construction hours.


Employers can hire us for abundant industrial electricians. We have access to various types of electricians regarding experience. We will never let their work down. MCA-Ntuma always provides the best workforce. We provide our Industrial Electricians in all the EAC.

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